Prayer | A friends dream for me…

A friends dream for me…

A friends dream for me…


Hi Mark, I dreamt a film shot that was the sea looked at from above and there was a voice speaking . I realised it was your voice and you were describing something technical in a walkie talkie. the scene enlarged and i saw that you were doing some film shooting above the sea from the air harnessed by a parachute and also pulled by a boat and i think you also had water-skis on too.

then i saw you landed smoothly onto the sea and then shore. if this is a prophetic dream, i think it means you are equipped. like PROPERLY FULL ON EQUIPPED!!!! to do the Father’s will.

A good friend had this for me in May of 2010 but I never saw it. Last night she sent me another message on facebook about something completely different but I didn’t even see it – I saw this message.

God is amazing!